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1859 William Feno Pratt House Renovation, 2005

This Carpenter Gothic masterpiece was originally sited on acreage rolling down to the Connecticut River but ended up sandwiched between a state and interstate highways. Working with Architect Tris Metcalfe, Builder Mark Landy, and Historic Northampton IWF moved the structure to park-like in town grounds and fully renovated the house introducing 21st centuries amenities while preserving historic fabric.

1795 Cooks Tavern and Ferry Station, 2007

Serving the river trade between Hadley and Hatfield the house was shut off from the Connecticut when the Army Corps of Engineers built a flood control damn adjacent in 1938. By the turn of the century the structure was long vacant and derelict. Working with Architect Joseph Krupcynzki and Renaissance Builders IWF re-sited the building creating three stories all with decks and river views. All original fireplaces were rebuilt and much original detail including a stunningly uncompromised post and beam frame were restored. The original ice house was removed and relocated.

1827 Allen Block, 2009

A nineteenth century mercantile block sitting at the main intersection in Greenfield, MA the Allen Block along with neighboring Pond and Siano Blocks were all but vacant and in disrepair and had been taken through eminent domain by the cities Redevelopment Authority. IWF was chosen to acquire and renovate all three buildings which are now fully occupied and recipients of taste wide Preservation Awards. IWF worked with Thomas Douglas Architects, Renaissance Builders, Concord Square Planning and Development, and the Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation to create a vibrant sense of possibility at the town center.